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For Students

Buying a student flute, or starting to play?

Useful information and charts.

Which student flute?

Always a Yamaha 211S!


1.  The most popular student flute in the world.
2. it keeps it's value in the used market
3.  Easy and cheap servicing, most technicians have experience of it.
4.  Apart from the very late versions, always Made In Japan. Strict quality control procedures mean top quality and consistency.
5.  The 212/312 manufacture has been contracted out, and we feel the quality is not as consistant.
6.  Top quality silver plating.
7. Super easy to play!
Marble Surface

Which student flute cont...

We're often asked if a beginner should buy a slightly more advanced flute from the off, to avoid losing money on upgrading in the future.

Apart from people who already have experience of another woodwind instrument, the answer is generally no.

It's essential to have a headjoint that's easy to get used to for a beginner, and a mechanism that's easy to control. 

Buying a more advanced flute can cause enough difficulty for a student to give up for the wrong reasons. Save your money and buy a 211S, they're very resellable (is that a word?!) in the future whn you upgrade. 
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