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Used flute


Unrivaled access to Made In Japan flutes, and parts.

The only European flute dealer that has direct links to Japan
for not only flutes, but essential parts for repairs and maintenance.

Yamaha Flutes

We have over 20 Yamaha student flutes
in stock at any time (yes 20!)

​At least 5 YFL 211S flutes, and 5 YFL 311 flutes.

We don't buy used flutes off the market to do
up and resell as with other dealers, our instruments come direct from Japan's largest dealer and
flute maintenance co., Japan Woodwind. ​

​They mostly come from Yamaha & Altus type schools of music in Japan, and so have been looked after immaculately.

​Constant Stock

Being an agent for Japan Woodwind, we have a constant rolling stock of the most popular flutes, in excellent condition. Japan Woodwind are affiliated with all the major manufacturers in Japan, and carry out much of their factory maintenance work.

Their staff are the most experienced in the world with Made In Japan flutes, and they have taken care of your instrument.

All staff have served an internship an one on the major manufacturers, and carry out maintenance on ONLY that brand of instrument.

They come to spend months at a time with us to keep us up to date, and to improve their English

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