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​Flute Repair

and flute servicing

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There's really no need to spend extra money on going to high street shops for flute repair and maintenance.
There are some great technicians that work from home or workshops all day every day, at much lower rates for the same standard of service.
Most of these technicians also have no
intention of swaying you to buy a new instrument from them, so you won't feel pressured.
We only repair our own instruments, and our customers' purchased instruments, However, we know many reliable and trustworthy woodwind technicians up and down the UK, so please contact us, and we'll introduce someone suitable for your situation. 

When we introduce someone, we also make no commission, so we consider ourselves to be unbiased. 

​Woodwind Repair

Flute maintenance prices​

Nobody can give an estimate without first seeing the flute. Even the prettiest instruments can require a lot of work, and ugly ones almost no adjustment!

Problems often surface lower down the instrument, but the cause could very well be a leak further up the instrument. 

Flute repair estimates

Again, the flute must be inspected.

As a guide, for a small repair, levelling a pad, some regulation adjustments, around £40-£50. Replacing a couple of pads, up to £70 ish. Headcork replacement £15, tenon sizing £10-£15.

A full repad for a student flute should cost around £150-£175. A more advanced flute, £275 ish.

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