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Sankyo Flutes

Etude, Silversonic, Artist, 201, 301, 401 - popular models

Based in Sayama, Japan, unlike the other major Japanese flute manufacturers, Sankyo were born out of a partnership between three founders.


That’s how the name came about, it means “three sounds” in Japanese.  Three = 三 (san),  sound = 響 (kyo). You may have also seen the same ‘kyo’ used in the Japanese speaker brand Onkyo, as well as other brands to do with audio.

The models are sometimes renamed, depending where they’re being sold;


201 = Etude

301 = SilverSonic

401 = Artist

Sankyo owner.jpg


Sankyo are innovators in flute design and technology. You’ll see some of their flutes with a  small 11mm key cup on the left centre G key. This is their version of the split E, the smaller tone holes makes the E easier to play. The thinking behind it is that is is less maintenance than a split E system which requires more regulation (balancing) between keys. We often have 201/Etudes with this system, have a look!

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