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Fully serviced, good condition, pre-owned 311 flute, Made In Japan (the latest ones are outsourced to Indonesia). Slight wear to the silver plating as on any used flute, please see the pictures. We've taken close ups to be clear, you'll only see that wear upon close examination.  Hence £150 cheaper or so than the most 'beautiful' ones we have.  Save £550 on buying new. ****RESERVED - KEIRA

Yamaha YFL 311 Flute

SKU: 320080
  • The Yamaha 311  has a solid silver headjoint, and silver plated body. Fully Made In Japan flute (unlike the 312), with offset G, and Split E mechanism, perfect for students. Click the second photo to see a video of this flute. WE HAVE OVER 15 211,311 FLUTES IN STOCK FOR XMAS, PLEASE CALL!!

  • We only stock the 211, 311 models, as the current 212 and 312 manufacture has been sourced out to other countries. The 211 and 311 range are much more consistant in quality, and 99% the same as the 212 and 312. Therefore as an investment the 211S and 311 are a better buy.

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