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Earlier YFL 514/517 which retails at £2600, and just as good quality. Slightly more wear to the plating and pads than our other 451 flutes, but plays great. Priced accordingly for the play that wants a bargain! ***SOLD

Yamaha YFL 451 flute

  • The Yamaha YFL 451 flute is a fully Made In Japan earlier version of the 514/517. However in reality, the 451 performs just as well. Possibly the best flute under £1000 for a progessing student. Richer tone than a 311, and a more advanced mechanism. We have almost exclusive UK access to these 451 flutes, from our Japanese supplier that deals with Yamaha music schools and colleges in Japan. Hence we carry a constant stock.

  • Click on the second photo to watch a video of this flute.

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