**SOLD, BUT WE HAVE AN IDENTICAL 451 COMING. PLEASE CONTACT US. Apart from a tiny (realy tiny!) pinprick ding on the headjoint, this flute is beautiful. The case is also immaculate. The YFL 451 punches well above its weight for the price in the used market. As god as many silver headjoint flutes in the £1300 bracket.

Yamaha YFL 451 flute

SKU: 003512
  • The Yamaha YFL 451 flute is a fully Made In Japan earlier version of the 514/517. However in reality, the 451 performs just as well. Possibly the best flute under £1000 for a progessing student. Richer tone than a 311, and a more advanced mechanism. We have almost exclusive UK access to these 451 flutes, from our Japanese supplier that deals with Yamaha music schools and colleges in Japan. Hence we carry a constant stock.

  • Click on the second photo to watch a video of this flute.