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***SOLD  Almost as new!  YFL 43 solid silver flute, earlier version of the 411/412. Fully manufactured & assembled in Japan, unlike the current 2,3,4 series models.

The flute is in immaculate condition, and FULLY OVERHAULED. Superb tone for this kind of price. Solid investment as these Made In Japan Yamaha flutes keep their value so well as they're becoming sought after. ***SOLD

Yamaha YFL 43 flute

SKU: 007570
£1,099.00 Regular Price
£999.00Sale Price
  • The Yamaha 43 is the earlier version of the current 412. Solid silver throughout, fully manufactures and asembled in Japan. Made in the Golden era of Yamaha, will last a lifetime.

  • Click on the second photo to watch a video of this flute.

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