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Absolutely stunning Muramatsu PT/P RHE flute. Thick Platinum Plate over Solid Silver. Open Hole, B Foot joint, split E mechanism. Fully overhauled. 95% as new condition. Just a coupole of places with extremely light wear to the plating, only visible on very close inspection. These flutes retail for £17,500, and there is a 12-18 month waiting list at Muramatsu. 

Muramatsu PTP, B Foot,Split E

  • This standard of flute in used condition has usually been for want of a better word, "hammered", through years of professional use. This flute has barely been used, you can also see this from the standard of the case. Muramatsu cases are beautiful, but they mark and wear very easily. There's also a 12-18 month waiting period at the moment for Muramatsu high end pro-level flutes.

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