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**SOLD**  Lovely classic Muramatsu silver headjoint, M120 Open Hole flute.

This is an earlier version of the current EX model, at a much (much!) lower price.

It’s in very good condition, plays beautifully as with all Muramatsu flutes, and has a facilitator split E system.

The main difference in specification between this flute and the current EX is that the EX has a silver plated body, whereas this flute doesn’t. It’s therefore not as shiny, but if that doesn’t bother you, this flute is fantastic value. **SOLD**

Muramatsu M120 Flute, Open Hole

SKU: B5592
  • The flute will be sent in a brand new generic case, not the one used for the photos and video.

    **ON TRIAL

  • Click on the second photo to watch a video of this flute.

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