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***SOLD***  Ultra rare top of the top of the range, Japanese market GiBu range solid silver flute. Hand made, from start to finish, this model was the No.1 for the Japanese market and is much sought after. Wonderful round tone, and easy playability. This flute is genuinely 95% as new. If produced in the current market, you would expext to pay around £8000 for this flute (Muramatsu DS type of standard or higher). It's the only one we've ever managed to get hold of, a flute for life.

Miyazawa GiBu Solid Silver SOLD

SKU: GiBu Solid Silver
  • Click on the second photo to watch a video of this flute.

  • For flutes in this price range, they offer tonal control, and smooth projection, with a depth that is only matched by current DS/GX type of models, in anything under £5000 in used condition.”

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