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Miyazawa Flutes

M70S, M95S, PCM300, MC300, GiBu - popular models

Miyazawa have been around since the 1960s, and are well known for sometimes using different alloys to the other leading brands.


The PCM models are an alloy of mostly silver, but also copper, and produce a wonderful tone, often preferred to the basic solid silver models.



The Miyazawa GiBu range is in our opinion the best value for money out there, from all Japanese brands. It is the benchmark flute in Japan, along with the Muramatsu GX, yet not as well known in the UK. Hence the GiBu prices are much lower than they should be in reality.

If considering a GX, think about a GiBu ST (solid silver) too. Also a GiBu SH (silver head) instead of an EX. We've NEVER had a GiBu returned from a customer that didn't take to it. Uncomplicated, superbly manufactured range of flutes.



Why we don't stock the Miyazawa PA / PB ranges 

At Premier Flutes, our whole business model is built on getting best value for money for our customers.


Even though we're the UK's biggest flute dealer outside of London, we refuse to stock new flutes. If we do so, we must meet sales targets every year, which means we can't give unbiased advice, and have no choice but to sell for profit rather than suitability.

The Miyazawa PA/PB range are fine flutes, however so are the MS, MC, PCM and GiBu ranges.

When our customers have tried out these ranges, along with the PA/PB at the same time, they very often haven't chosen the PA/PB.

It's therefore very difficult for us to tell our customers that they should pay up to 50% more for a PA/PB flute that will give them no noticable performance improvement.

On top of that, servicing and maintenance tends to take less time for the non-Brogger models, so we're cutting maintenance costs for customers too. 

 In the future, should the PA/PB market prices drop to what we consider to be a more competitive price, then of course we'll take them this space!

Masashi Miyazawa.png

Miyazawa-san reluctantly took up music when his parents forced him to play clarinet in his high school orchestra! However from there he took an interest in manufacture and joined Nihon Brass, which was later bought by Yamaha to become their brass division.

He was angered by this, and so decided to go it alone. His beautiful instruments were spotted by an American distributor (Pearl West), and from there took off worldwide.


More recently Miyazawa have expanded their ranges to include more models. Their GiBu models (ST = Solid Silver, SH = Silver Headjoint, SL = Silver Lip) are probably the most sought after in Japan, being such beautiful instruments, and outperforming many more expensive flutes from other brands.


For step-up flutes, we find the Miyazawa MS (MS70s,MS95s), and GiBu ranges to be in a class of their own. The silver plating literally lasts a lifetime, and the manufacture quality is so exceptional. The mechanisms are not complicated, yet the flutes produce a beautiful tone, and are a delight to play.

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